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Tips to keep Gambling fun

  • Play for entertainment. As with all forms of entertainment, there is a cost involved. The more you play, the more you pay.
  • Play within your means. Set a budget and stick to it. Stop playing if you exceed that limit.
  • Use money you can afford to spend. Never spend more to win back losses.
  • Keep balance in your life. Do not be pressurized or influenced by others to bet. Betting should be your own choices.

Signs of Problem Gambling

  • Spending more time or money on gambling than is affordable or planned.
  • Borrowing money to gamble.
  • Gambling with money meant for essentials like food or rent.
  • Neglecting important responsibilities like work, school or family to gamble.
  • Lying about the extent of gambling.
  • Chasing losses to try and get money back.
  • Increasing arguments with friends and family, especially about money issues.
  • Increasing debts due to gambling.
  • Feeling a sense of emptiness or loss when not gambling.
  • Finding it difficult to control, stop, or cut down gambling or feeling irritable when trying to do so.
  • Thinking that your gambling will get under control as soon as you have a "big win".
  • Constantly thinking or talking about gambling.